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Scented Stuffed Animals by S. Roberts

This hole is to stuff the animal.

If you've usage of the lavender bush, you tend to be in a position to collect every 1 regarding the dead lavender flowers and then leave these people upside down inside a paper bag for you to dry. Additionally tuck any loop involving ribbon in between the two circles to become useful for hanging the actual scented bag up. These scented animals are incredibly an straightforward job to help to make and are wonderful in order to hang in the wardrobe, push directly into drawers, hang inside the car, you are generally in the position to put them anywhere that you need to develop a good fragrance.

All you need is...

Felt within assorted shades, PVA glue, thread, stuffing, lavender flowers, potpourri, or scented oils regarding fragrance.

The grounds for any of the actual scented stuffed animals is a circle of fabric. Anyone can use these dries flowers to always be able to scent your animal bag. Lightly stuff the particular ani mal together with packing along with atart working out . dried lavender flowers. Pin the particular lace and in addition the extras straight into place so that your pins point outwards just just like the spokes of your bike wheel. Depart a gap at a few time around the circle, preferably exactly where there aren't virtually any extras hanging out. Extras might become limbs, ears, horns, tails, or hair.

Scented Stuffed Animals

by: S. Utilizing the actual pattern cut out a pair of circles associated with felt. This causes it to be simpler to sew.

Sew any row involving little stitches around the fringe of the circle, generating certain the actual needle passes via every 1 involving the layers of fabric. This kind of forms the particular animal's head or even body, and also helps make up the key section of the actual bag.

Extras can be slipped in between those two circles. Animal's eyes look really good should you cut a new triangle out in the pupil. Roberts

We aren't talking taxidermy, we're talking lavender or scented bags inside the form of animals. Your oil may discolour fabric, so adding it to the stuffing signifies that it won't spoil the finish in the scented bag.

Lightly stuff the animal then shut up the actual opening.

To finish, cut out eyes as well as other features from felt along with glue these people into place. Use a new mug to draw about on to a piece of paper to become able to produce a pattern piece. This gives the actual animal character.

These animals are generally delightful, you can help help to make your favourite animals, as well as endangered animals, or even animals via certain places for example Africa, Aus tralia, India or even the North Pole.

I'm sure you will have a lot of suggestions for creating scented stuffed animals, as well as I bet you have any lot of fun causing them for you to be too.

. Similarly you are usually in a position to scent the actual animal using potpourri.

If you may be using scented oils to fragrance the particular animal, drop your oil essence to the packing just before stuffing the animal

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